Tarot Series - FOUR of PENTACLES / 錢幣四 塔羅牌系列 限量版畫

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Tarot Series - FOUR of PENTACLES / 錢幣四 塔羅牌系列 限量版畫

★Pre-order Price : Approx. US$122

If there is still a quantity available,
the original price will be adjusted after it is released ★Price : Approx. US$133

預購價格為 ★Price : NT$3500
如還有數量未售,待預購後會調整回單張原價 ★Price : NT$3800

★台灣訂購 有提供 轉帳 及 寄送服務

請填寫此表單 :
如有問題可加 LINE ID : casimir.art 或點選上方 Contact連絡


亦可直接於此 "刷卡" 訂購,地址請填中文
(但需加上PAYPAL手續費 5% NT$190 與 運費 NT$100 )

Limited Edition of 100

Size : 45.0 (W) x 75.0 (H) cm
Art Work Size : 39.5 (W) x 69.0 (H) cm

Art Museum Grade Art Paper.
Limited Number, Signature and Anti-counterfeiting Stamp.

每張皆有 限量編號,作者親簽 與 防偽鋼印.

Due to the production schedule,
we will send out the product after the end of May 2021,
please excuse any delay.

The finished work is shown in the picture, but the final product shall prevail.
The above is acceptable before purchase.
Thank you.

完成作品示意如圖,但仍以最終實品為準 。

Refund is not accepted after ordering.
If there is a problem with the work itself, we can accept exchanges.


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#limitedprint #arterotica #eroticart
#塔羅牌 #塔羅 #Tarot #tarot_card

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